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High Resolution Inkjet Printer Analysis


High Resolution Inkjet Printer Analysis

High resolution inkjet printer has it's advantages which are highly noticed by the market, And it's sales volume has been increasing as well.

Easy code high resolution jet printer is also called easy code high resolution inkjet printer. The printers used by its nozzles and offices belong to the same kind of methods. They all belong to the DOD type and are densely sprayed on the nozzles. A large number of small-aperture orifices are arranged. This feature determines that such machines generally use oil-based inks, while oil-based inks only spray on absorbent materials, such as uncoated paper and uncoated wood, and the ink will dry out Fast. If it is sprayed on non-absorbent materials such as plastic or metal, the ink will dry longer. With the development of market technology, high-resolution inkjet printers exhibit the following characteristics:

First, it can print dot-matrix fonts (pin-point type), high-resolution font prints, and can even print any font on a computer. The printing speed is not affected by the dot matrix, and the maximum speed can reach 35m/min.

Second, the machine runs, on-demand inkjet, ink is not recycled, the ink concentration is consistent. No need to add diluent (solvent), the operating cost is lower than the CIJ type.
Third, the ink does not need to be recycled. The ink supply system is sealed well to avoid ink contamination. The ink is ejected directly and comes with pressure. No pressure pump or other equipment is required to provide pressure. The failure rate is low.
Fourth, the control system is simple and reliable, easy to operate and easy to maintain.
Fifth, the ink is not recycled, the use of environmentally friendly ink, non-irritating odor, less environmental pollution. There is no high-power device in the machine. When it is working, there is no need to dissipate heat. The device system is well sealed and is not affected by the working environment.

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