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Advantages Of Large Character Inkjet Printer Technology


Advantages Of Large Character Inkjet Printer Technology

Large character inkjet printers are widely used in the food industry for food packaging production date, lot number of effective date, and bar code printing. Large-character inkjet printer technology breakthroughs, its advantages are:

1. Control platform, user-friendly.

The electrical system is an indispensable part of the printer. The control platform is stable and relatively user-friendly. Its operating platform is completely similar to a computer keyboard, and the control interface and software system of all products are the same, which is convenient for users to operate and use different machines.

2. The scope of printing continues to expand.

In addition to being able to complete the "mission" of large character printers, it can also be adjusted to a few characters to make it approach or enter the working range of small character printers and high resolution printers. The printing of some small characters and high-resolution printers can be completed at the same time.

3. The solenoid valve has a long life.

Solenoid valve is another key technology for the manufacture of printers. In the field of DOD printers, Matthews first proposed the service life of solenoid valves. After theoretical calculations, laboratory tests, and user experiments, Methus pushed solenoid valves with life expectancy of 600 million and 3 billion times. The solenoid valve of the new generation of large character ink jet printers uses 3 billion solenoid valves.

4. Dust and waterproof design, easy maintenance.

The printer can prevent the intrusion of dust and moisture when it is in use or sealed. Even if the user seals the machine for a while, it will not block the nozzle when it is used again.

5. Split design, easy to replace.

For split type design, nozzles, controllers, ink supply systems, etc. all use a separate design and installation. External photoelectric switch, serial cable (RS323) directly connected with the computer, can achieve synchronous printing with the production line.

6. Gemstone nozzle, printing effect is good and durable.

For the printer, the nozzle is the most critical part, and the quality of the nozzle directly affects the printing effect. 1The gem nozzle has a very high finish, and the ink drop is very resistant during the flying out process. The ejected font is beautiful, smooth and soft. 2 Because the gemstone has a very hard character, its abrasion resistance is much higher than that of the metal nozzle. .

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